Newly released Canadian Society Report Card

“How Canada Performs: A Report Card on Canada compares quality of life in Canada with peer countries, and publishes comparisons in a report card that measures the following categories: Economy, Innovation, Environment, Education and Skills, Health, and Society. In the most recent report, Canada received one “B”, 2 “C”s and 9 “D”s. Countries with the highest scores included Switzerland, Ireland, and the U.S. Read the full details of the report here.

World’s CO2 Plan Poised to Fail, Deutsche Bank Says

Analysis of global climate policies indicate that plans to slow climate change will fail by 2020, and that nations will be required to make further reductions to keep temperatures from advancing 2 degrees Celsius. Representatives from Deutsche Bank say that countries must look outside of carbon trading, and look for other options for implementing low-carbon technology and energy efficient development. Read the full story in Bloomberg.

10:10 and the politics of climate change

On September 1, Franny Armstrong launched a new climate change campaign in the U.K. called "10:10", which aims at committing individuals, organizations and businesses to a 10% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by the end of 2010. The focus of this campaign is to get individuals to make personal choices about the environment, rather than being forced by government demands. Read more about this campaign in openDemocracy.