Study forecasts 9m sea-level rise if temperatures meet 2C threshold

A new study predicts that global sea levels could rise by up to 9 metres in the coming centuries, even if the world manages to keep temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Previous studies underestimated sea level rise because they failed to account for accelerated ice sheet melting. The 2 degree figure is likely to be adopted as the threshold to be avoided during the U.N. climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Read the full story in The Guardian.

In Copenhagen, the New Radicals

Jamie Biggar is a student at the University of Victoria and member of the Canada Youth Delegation. She attended the climate change conference in Copenhagen, and wrote a letter to environmental law professor Michael M’Gonigle regarding her experiences and insights. Read the full letter in The Tyee.

Green jobs for all

The recent surge in climate change activism is drawing anger from Albertan and federal politicians, who want to exploit the Alberta oilsands in spite of the environmental cost. They argue that committing to climate change action will cut employment, but in reality it may actually expand the job market. Read the full story in The Toronto Star.

George Monbiot: Dear Canada, Please clean up your act

Canada’s global reputation has been tarnished by its exploitation of the oilsands and failure to uphold responsibilities to the Kyoto Protocol. Canadian representatives and politicians are seemingly trying to delay a potential international climate change agreement from being reached at Copenhagen. Read the full story in The Globe and Mail.