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Keith Reynolds

Research Associate

Keith is a policy analyst who has worked at all three levels of government, for two public sector unions and as a private consultant. His work has been deeply focused on municipal services and finance, on broader issues related to privatization and on government transparency. He has served on the national and BC boards of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and the Board of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association. Keith has authored presentations for a wide range of organizations, including the Canadian Institute, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the BC Municipal Finance Authority and fact-finding missions from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the Australian Parliament. Keith holds a Masters of Public Administration from Queen’s University. Keith was the lead author on our report Back In House: Why Local Governments Are Bringing Services Home, and, most recently, Canada Infrastructure Bank and the Public’s Right to Know, which examines the proposed Bank, and government legislation that prevents public access to information. He has also penned numerous op-ed pieces for Canadian mainstream newspapers with our Executive Director, Charley Beresford.