Candian Centre for Policy Alternatives Reports on Livable Wage for Metro Vancouver and Victoria

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has just released a living wage calculation that includes “basic expenses for a two-earner family with two young children (such as housing, childcare, food and transportation), and government taxes, credits, deductions and subsidies. It finds that each parent would need to work full-time at an hourly wage of $16.74 in Metro Vancouver and $16.39 in Greater Victoria in order to pay for necessities, support the healthy development of their children and participate in the social and civil life of their communities. Currently the minimum wage in BC is $8/hour, a rate that was established in 2001. Read full report here.

Berkely CA May Allow Homeowners to Pay for Solar Energy Sytsems Through Property Taxes

In 2006, Berkley California passed "Measure G,"mandating the city to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. In order to meet this ambitious target the city has adopted several innovative approaches to reducing emissions. Tomorrow council will vote on a plan to allow homeowners to pay for solar energy conversions for their homes through property taxes.One of the advantages to this plan is the city’s ability to offer much lower interest rates than any other financial institution. Read more here.

Canadians Want More Public Transit

A combination of high gas prices and greater awareness of climate change issues is motivating Canadians to change their commuting habits and leave the car at home. As a result, buses and subways are full to capacity. A recent Angus Reid Poll reveals that 81% of Canadians believe more money from the Federal Gas Tax should be invested in transit. Read more here.

Childcare in BC: Inaccessible and Unaffordable

As children head back to school today, many BC parents are scrambling to make arrangements for their after school care. A lack of funding, space and providers has left many parents with little choice but to be available at 3pm to pick their children up from school. Read more here.