E-newsletter (April 2022)

Our fourth edition of our 2022 ‘Briefing Notes’ shares excerpts on the Green Resilience Project’s Community Summary Report, BC’s 89-point action plan, climate action, and more…

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E-newsletter (January 2022)

Our first edition of ‘Briefing Notes’ in 2022 shares excerpts on speculation tax, addiction, climate emergencies, COVID-19 restrictions and more…

E-newsletter (December: Best of 2021)

Our final Briefing Notes edition of the year highlights readers’ top picks from the last 12 months. Some of your favourites from 2021 focused on Universal Basic Income, alternative policing, community housing, and doughnut economics.

E-newsletter (November 2021)

Our November edition of ‘Briefing Notes’ shares excerpts on affordable housing, land acknowledgements, car-free futures, solar panels, and more…


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