Wind Farm Trend Hitting the North

 At present, Alaska faces some of the highest fuel prices in the U.S.  In an attempt to seek economic relief in this unstable time, numerous communities in Alaska have built wind turbine farms.  This attempt has not only led to a decrease in household electricity bills, but has also reduced the use of fuel and energy on a whole. To learn more

A New Years Resolution that Makes a Difference

This year, Trees Ontario wants us to make a New Years resolution that will last for years to come.  Along with various “green” resolution suggestions, Trees Ontario ecourages locals to help them in planting nearly three million trees throughout the Province in 2009.

50 Solutions to Help the Homeless

Vancouver’s new mayor has pledged to end homelessness by 2015, a considerable challenge that will require solutions that go beyond asking the federal governmnet and the province for more money to address the issue. Megaphone Magazine, Vancouver’s street paper has republished an article from the Tyee listing 50 ways to help the homeless.

Child Poverty Affecting Academic Performance

A recent study conducted by the Univeristy of British Columbia found an alarming link between child poverty and poor academic performance.  Such findings further highlight B.C.’s high child poverty rates. Read the full story in The Tyee.

New Westminster, BC Implementing Density Bonuses

New Westminster city councillors are asking staff to move ahead with the implementation of density bonuses. The city is offering bonuses to developers in exchange for amenity contributions. Amenities include affordable housing, child care, civic lands and buildings, parks and
open spaces, public art and specific types of transportation
infrastructure were appropriate. The City has assurred residents that bonuses will be in accordance with the current Community Plan. Read more here.