Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues

The Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues is the latest outreach component of the Sustainable Region Initiative. It is intended to stimulate discussion and debate among decision makers, and foster new and diverse thought on regional issues such as housing, industry, labor and immigration, drugs and crime, regional economy, energy, and agriculture. Find more information on the Metro Vancouver website.

Plans to make Vancouver greenest city in world

Mayor Gregor Robertson has put forward a plan to make Vancouver “the greenest city in the World “. Plans include shaping Vancouver into a hub for green jobs and sustainable industry, and shifting towards a green economy. Plans also include the establishment of pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly corridors in the city core. Read the full report here.

The BC Climate Action Toolkit

Climate Solutions. Better Communities.
A climate action resource for local government by local government
in collaboration with UBCM, Smart Planning for Communities, and the Province of BC. You can find reports and guidles, information about funding and training programs, plans, policies and projects, and success stories. You can find the full website here.

Canada’s Quiet Bargain – The Benefits from Public Spending

A study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) concludes that Canadians enjoy a high quality of life because of public services funded by tax money. In most cases Canadians are better off with the public services the taxes fund than they are with tax cuts. Read the full article at CCPA.

Use the CCPA’s calculator to find out how much your family benefits from public services such as health care and education.

BC’s Badly Broken Welfare System

A recent report from Ombudsman Kim Carter found that B.C.’s welfare system is overly complex and is not designed to to meet the needs of those applying for assistance, and may attribute to homelessness issues. Gordon Campbell’s Liberal government has been blamed for the welfare mess. Read the full article in The Tyee.

Cancer society pushes for B.C. pesticide ban

The Canadian Cancer Society is asking the B.C. government to implement a provincial-wide ban on the sale of cosmetic pesticides. Cosmetic pesticides, used to kill weeds and pests, have been linked to cancer. Many B.C. municipalites have already banned the use of these chemicals, however provincial action is required to ban selling them. Read more on this issue at CBC News.