George Heyman speaking at Vancouver’s January 23rd rally.

George Heyman, Executive Director of Sierra Club BC, ends the “Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament” rally with a stirring speech on what our democracy really means. Over 1000 people gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery January 23 for the rally. Watch the speech on YouTube

Woodworking unions and environmentalists propose bold new plan to protect forests and jobs while fighting climate change

Forest industry unions and top environmental groups proposed a plan for the BC government to conserve more forest, reduce wood waste, and promote the wise use of forest products, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The report “Managing BC’s Forests for a Cooler Planet: Carbon Storage, Sustainable Jobs and Conservation” was released today and is expected to give BC a leadership role in finding the sustainable solutions that were needed during the Copenhagen climate negotiations. Read the full news release on the CCPA website.

Beyond Copenhagen: what kind of bottom-up climate activism do we need?

In the wake of failed climate negotiations in Copenhagen, more people are looking to bottom-up approaches to climate activism. However, these small-scale contributions will not be enough to successfully address global climate change. The poor nations, who are the true victims of climate change, should propose the international framework necessary to target this global problem. Read the full story in OpenDemocracy.

Climate change scepticism will increase hardship for world’s poor: IPCC chief

Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the IPCC, warns that climate change skepticism will increase hardships for the world’s poor. Climate change skepticism is expected to increase in 2010, particularly in the U.S. and Australia. Allowing skeptics to delay climate change action will only exacerbate the impacts of climate change, particularly in developing countries. Read the full story in The Guardian.