Electricity bills in Ontario set to rise $300 a year by the end of 2011

Ontario will soon have the highest electicity prices in Canada, as residents will see a 25% increase in their electricity bills by the end of 2011, and more increases will come by 2012. These increased rates will stem from new wind, solar and biomass energy projects that are expected to provide cleaner air and a new economic future. BEC Green has compiled some tips for reducing your energy costs. Read them here.

Planning a Post-Carbon World:The City of North Vancouver and the 100 Year Plan

The City of North Vancouver’s "100 Year Sustainability Vision" highlights what is likely one of the first attempts to use greenhouse gas reduction targets as part of the long-term design of a city. The project looks at North Vancouver’s expected growth, and aims to increase residential and job density while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Read the full article in the Terrain.org Blog.