Vancouver and Toronto Launch Programs to Encourage Newcomers to Ride Bikes

The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, with support from Vancouver Coastal Health, runs a program that teaches new immigrants how to cycle in Vancouver. A similar program, called “Culture Link”, is being launched in Toronto this June. The programs both aim to reduce stress among newcomers and engage them in new social situations. Read the full story in the Vancouver Sun.

A Tale of Three Cities

A recent study from the Neptis Foundation, titled “Growing Cities,”  examines the very different trends in city planning and growth in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Vancouver is touted as the densest city with the least urban sprawl, thanks in part to proactive city planning in the 1960s and 70s. Calgary has the highest degree of urban sprawl, largely due to the ease with which sprawl can occur into prarie land. 

Canadian Opera Company is Abuzz with Bees

The Canadian Opera Company in Toronto is doing their part to stop the decline of bee populations in North America by installing two honey bee hives on the roof of their building. Recent studies have shown that urban bees often fare better than their rural counterparts due to lower pesticide exposure.

Read about the project here

Alberta Liberals propose a Monetary Incentive to Vote

In an effort to increase turnout at the polls, Alberta Liberals are proposing a $50 tax credit for those who vote in the provincial election. The proposal is part of a 12-point strategy to increase accountability and effectiveness in government. Read the full story in the Globe and Mail.

Vancouver to go on a Road Diet

In an effort to boost cycling as a mode of transportation from 3.7% to 10%, the city of Vancouver is allocating $25 million dollars towards a two year plan aiming for a reduction in road space for cars. The city has already converted a lane of traffic from the both the Burrard Street Bridge and the Georgia Viaduct to cycling lanes, with very little fuss. Learn about what a road diet is here

Vancouver Becomes Canada’s First Fair Trade City

Vancouver has signed on to be Canada’s first Fair Trade City. With an ethical purchasing policy already in use, this move further establishes the city’s commitment to buying products that were made with fair and sustainable labour practices. Read the full story in the Vancouver Observer