Victoria Plans to Stop the Dumping of Sewage into the Ocean

After many years of careful planning, Vancouver Island’s Capital Regional District (CRD) has just received provincial approval for a $782-million sewage system upgrade that will put an end to the practice of dumping raw sewage into the ocean. Saanich City Councillor, Judy Brownoff, who also serves as chair for the CRD’s Sewage Treatment Committee, has stated that the new plant will be "fully contained, odour-free and
remove about 80 per cent of biosolids and other contaminants, such as
heavy metals and pharmaceuticals". Read the full story in the Globe and Mail.

Copenhagen: A Transformed City

Watch this video to learn what steps Copenhagen took to become one of the most livable cities in the world, and how it went from a "traffic infested city to a people oriented city". Hint – lower speed limits!