Vancouver Endorses the Vienna Declaration

Following on the heels of Toronto, Vancouver has officially endorsed the Vienna Declaration. The Vienna Declaration encourages governments to use scientific, evidence-based research when developing drug policy, rather than dealing with drug addiction from an ideological perspective. The city’s safe injection site is a key example of an evidence-based policy. Read more in the Metro.

Toronto’s Mayor Tries to Crush Tower Retrofit Project

In 2008, the City of Toronto released a study titled The Mayor’s Tower Renewal Opportunities Book. The study looked at ways that Toronto’s outdated and inefficient apartment housing stock could be retrofitted for energy efficiency and liveability. The current Mayor’s office however, has deemed the program a waste of taxpayers money, despite the energy and financial savings that would be incurred from the project. It looks as though the province of Ontario may proceed with the plan anyways. Read the full article in the Toronto Star

Food Security for All

Toronto’s “The Stop” is not a typical foodbank. In addition to giving groceries, it also provides meals prepared from local foods, a community garden for patrons, and important community connections. Read the article in The Tyee

Humans Consuming Beyond the Earth’s Capacity

A new Living Planet report shows that humanity’s ecological footprint has more than doubled since 1966. In 2007 humans used "the equivalent of 1.5 earths in 2007 to support their activities." Find report and summary here.

Tax Hikes Popular in Calgary

The City of Calgary has just released a poll that shows the number of people who support an increase in property taxes to cover services has jumped from 48% in 2009 to 55% in 2010. The survey also showed that 94% of citizens thought the overall quality of services in Calgary is good. Read article in the Calgary Sun.

Are We Working Too Much?

Distored work-life balance is a public health crisis and a has a negative impact on the economy. The stress of prioritizing responsibilities in the home and in the workplace has become a major issue for Canadian adults. Find out more information in the week-long series in The Globe and Mail.

CCPA Publishes a Report on Improving BC’s Food Systems.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has just released a report on Climate Justice and BC’s food system titled “Every Bite Counts”. The report suggests a new framework is in order for BC’s food system and that we can no longer rely on the market to deliver food that supports local economies or is nutritious or ecologically sound.