The World Will be Fundamentally Different

A climate change model that projects a view of the world a thousand years from now, based on current greenhouse gas emission levels maintained for the next hundred years, shows a fundamentally different world than what we see today. Most coral reefs will have disappeared along with famed ski hills, and oceans will have risen 4 metres, sinking entire coastlines. The model is a joint project between the Universities of Calgary and Victoria and Environment Canada. Read story in the Montreal Gazette here.

Toronto’s High Rise Rental Stock At-Risk

Toronto’s high rise rental housing stock is crumbling with no fix in the horizon. Former Toronto mayor, David Millar was ready to launch the “Tower Renewal Project,” but current mayor Rob Ford, cancelled the project, calling it a waste of money. The future of entire communities built around these towers appears at stake. Read article in the Globe and Mail here.

Cowichan Valley, BC Issues Report Card on the Environment

The Cowichan Valley Regional District, BC, has issued a report card to measure the following areas of environmental concern: Overall Environmental Footprint, Population Growth, Biodiversity, Agriculture, Water, Climate Change, Air Quality and Waste Management. The report card is but one piece of a larger plan for building a “strong, resilient community.”

Find report card here.


Building Green on a Budget

A new article in the Tyee illustrates how building green can be done on a budget by spending more on the construction components that matter e.g.: building envelope, foundation and windows and less on “short term fixtures, “e.g.:  countertops and flooring. Read article here.

This story is part of a larger Tyee series titled Green From the Ground Up.