2011 Book Launch – Resiliency: Cool Ideas for Locally-Elected Leaders

Join Dr. William Rees, Dr. Ryan Walker, and other contributors to the 5th volume in the Going for Green Leadership Handbook Series, Resiliency: Cool Ideas for Locally-Elected Leaders. Inspired by conversations at the Center for Civic Governance forums, Resiliency highlights the bold and creative ways in which leaders and communities are responding to the major environmental challenges of our time. Dr. William Rees is the originator of the ecological footprint concept. He is also a professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia. His teaching and research emphasizes the public policy and planning implications of global environmental trends and the necessary ecological conditions for sustaining socioeconomic activity. Dr. Ryan Walker is a professor at the University of Saskatchewan specializing in urban design, planning and geography, comparative urban Indigenous studies in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, international housing studies, multi-level governance and urban policy as well as First Nation community planning and citizenship theory. The Columbia Institute fosters inclusive, sustainable communities by nurturing strong local leadership, working with shareholders on responsible investing, and building capacity through lifelong learning scholarships.

You can buy a copy of the book or read it on-line here.