High Ground 2022: Civic Governance Forum

High Ground 2022

Stay turned for more information on our upcoming civic governance forum, dedicated to “Seeking High Ground: Leading Through Instability“. More details, including the dates, speakers, and agenda, will be provided shortly.


Mayors, Councillors, Regional Directors, and School Board Trustees.


Detailed schedule to be posted soon.


Testimonials from High Ground 2021

  • “I really get a lot out of these, not just in terms of ideas, but also in a feeling of optimism that there’s lots of people doing good work.” 
  • “[High Ground was] a great exchange of ideas and visions. Thank you so much. Always a great and informative conference.”
  • “I was too engrossed in the public education panel to tweet when it was on at #HighGround2021 earlier today. It was really excellent and at the core of the conversation was equity, which made me so happy.”
  • “Really excellent event, I enjoyed the format and felt there was a lot more genuine opportunity to connect with people. In person there’s often a crowd around the speaker and no true opportunities for conversation among participants and speakers. This was great for that.”
  • “Thank for all the work. I came out stronger and felt I was not alone”.
  • “Thanks for continuing to be a place where progressives can meet.”


Thank you to our 2022 sponsors: