Collaborating on Carbon Commitments – A Training Ground for Gaining Ground

May 4, 2011

This all-day workshop focused on the tools that the public sector can use to reduce GHG emissions in buildings and operations, and tactics that can successfully be used to overcome resistance to climate action within your community. This workshop is aimed towards local elected officials and staff, school trustees and facilities managers, as well as hospitals and health region representatives.

This intensive, one-day event on October 19 at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre was part of the lead-up to the Gaining Ground conference, and focused on how to build resilient communities through collaboration.  Centre for Civic Governance presented Collaborating on Carbon Commitments in partnership with the Community Energy Association and the Columbia Institute, who sponsored the lunchtime keynote address by Councillor David Cadman on international climate negotiations and local action.

A detailed agenda is here.

Workshop description is here.

Presentations made at the workshop may be found here:

The Science Behind Copenhagen

Canadian Energy Association Introduction

Mini Bootcamp Presentation

BC Healthy Communities Citizen Engagement

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This workshop was a shoulder event as part of the Resilient Cities: Urban Strategies for Transition Times /Gaining Ground conference in association with Smart Growth BC and in collaboration with the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics.
Date: Oct 20-22, 2009
Location: Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC
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