Eco-Village Tour of Craik, Saskatchewan & Youth Engagement Workshop

April 12, 2012

Coming to Saskatoon for FCM? Join us a day earlier for a tour of one of Canada’s most sustainable municipalities, Craik Saskatchewan. We are also offering a discussion and workshop on Youth Engagement.

Eco-Village Tour of Craik, Saskatchewan

Craik Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s leaders in sustainability. The small town boasts an Eco-Village, an Eco-Centre, a community-wide composting and recycling program, a solar-run restaurant, local food programs, gardens to support local biodiversity and many other sustainable development initiatives.

Join host Brent Krueger, owner of the Solar Garden restuarant for a tour and discussion on how the town developed these ambitious projects and the outcome of their efforts. A lunch will be served following the tour.

Youth Engagement Workshop: Catalyzing Youth & Intergenerational Conversations

Despite having much to add to the conversation about public policy directions, youth are becoming increasingly disenfranchised. This workshop will explore practical options for engaging young people in small and large communities and will showcase examples of communities like Hampton, Virginia, San Francisco and Eston, Saskatchewan which are leading the change in youth engagement. 


Registration fees:

Eco- Village Tour, lunch and Youth Engagement Workshop – $50/person

Youth Engagement Workshop only – $30/person

Shuttle fee -$15 /person each way

Download The Craik Sustainable Living Project