New Brunswick on track to meet climate change goals

October 26, 2011

The province of New Brunswick set a target to have greenhouse gas emissions at 1990 levels by 2012. The province is on track to meet its climate change reduction goals, a remarkable accomplishment given the economic growth in the province. The province worked with citizens and encouraged partnerships to achieve this goal. Some highlights of the plan include:

  • an investment of $4.5 million was made in energy auditing and implementation of energy efficiency measures in government operations, and the construction of smart metering systems for schools and hospitals;
  • a computer model was initiated to track and report energy consumption and corresponding emissions by government departments, an essential step in managing government’s energy consumption and carbon footprint;
  • the two-year biodiesel trials on 12 vehicles, including a school bus, grader, plow truck and light truck, were successfully completed. The trial found no barriers to using five per cent and 10 per cent biodiesel blended in petroleum diesel in the government fleet of vehicles, when it becomes commercially available. The project resulted in a reduction of 22 tonnes in emissions and a reduction of 8,600 litres of diesel fuel. Read more at the Province’s website.