Whistler passes motion opposing Northern Gateway pipeline

April 10, 2012

Whistler has joined several other BC municipalities in formally declaring its opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline. Citing concern over the inherent possibility of environmental disaster, the council has agreed the benefits do not outweigh the risks. Counillor Jack Crompton believes the motion will send a strong message,

“It says to the federal government, the provincial government and the world that environmental disasters on our coasts would significantly damage us and our community.

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Motion proposed by Councillor Jack Crompton:

Whereas Whistler is a community dependant on tourism.
and whereas our reputation as a tourist destination is dependant on British Columbia’s pristine environment.
and whereas there is a significant threat from the building and operation of the Northern Gateway pipeline and the resultant tanker traffic on our BC Coast. 
and whereas it is our opinion that the approval of this project will put Whistler’s tourism industry at significant risk.

Be it moved that the RMOW oppose the building of the Endbridge pipeline, oppose the Federal Government relaxing the regulations of rivers and fisheries to allow the building of the pipeline and other industrial projects, and in addition oppose the shipping of oil along the BC Coast that would result from this pipeline construction. The RMOW also expresses its solidarity and supports the position of other communities in their position to stand against the building of this project and its impacts.