Human Rights and Affordable Housing in Ontario

July 9, 2008

Report on the Consultation on Human Rights and Rental Housing in Ontario was released by the Ontario Human Rights Commission in
mid-June 2008. The report finds that all levels of government, as well as public and private sector landlors, discriminate against immigrants, refugees, single parents, the disabled, aboriginals, and the mentally ill. Such discriminating acts include advertising adult-only buildings or imposing credit checks, rent deposits, and minimum income requirements. The Report recommends that the federal government adopt a national housing strategy that would include measurable targets and sufficient funds to tackle homelessness. Also recommended is more rent supplements for poor families on the waiting list for public housing: the shelter allowance portion of welfare is only $544/month, whereas average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Toronto is $1,052. Read an article about the report in the Toronto Star, or read the full report here.