Are natural disasters a sign of climate change or “end times?” – the Great American Debate

September 16, 2011

According to some recent polling, climate change is becoming an increasingly polarizing issue in the states with nearly 60% believing the recent string of natural weather-related disasters being a sign of climate change and over 40% believing it is a sign of “end times.” Many politicians aren’t helping to provide clarity on the issue with only one third of Republicans believing the effects of climate change are upon us. Despite the high number of people still questioning the science of climate change, “91 percent of Americans—including 85 percent of Republicans—said developing clean energy should be a very high, high, or medium. Notably, large majorities (including Democrats, Independents, and Republicans) say it is important for their own community to take steps to protect the following from global warming: public health (81 percent), the water supply (80 percent), agriculture (79 percent), wildlife (77 percent), and forests (76 percent).large numbers also believe communities should take steps to protect wildlife, agriculture .” Read more in Siightline.

Vshould take steps to protect wildlife, agriculture .” Read more in Sightline.