Canadians willing to be taxed more to reduce wealth gap

April 10, 2012

According to a recent poll commissioned by the Broadbent Institute, the majority of Canadians support higher taxation if money is dedicated to reducing the growing income gap. The survey, conducted by Environics Research, asked 2000 Canadians if they would agree to higher taxes to reduce poverty. Here are some of the survey findings:

  • 83 per cent of all poll participants said they were in favour of increasing income taxes on the wealthiest Canadians. (Some respondents were asked if people making more than $250,000 should pay more taxes and some were asked if those making more than $500,000 should pay more.)
  • 69 per cent of Canadians would support the introduction of a new 35 per cent inheritance tax on any estate valued above $5-million
  • 73 per cent would agree to gradually increasing corporate tax rates back to what they were in 2008 when the federal rate stood at 21 per cent. It has since been reduced to 15 per cent.

The survey found widespread support for tax increases amongst middle and high incomes Canadians. 


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