Majority of Canadians Believe Governmnet Should Act to Reduce Poverty Levels in Canada

October 31, 2008

According to a recent poll conducted by Environics Research for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives ( CCPA), an overwhelming majority of Canadians believe action should be taken by all levels of governmnet to reduce poverty levels.

Among the key Findings

• Above all, Canadians believe now is the time for action: 77% say that in a recession, it’s more important than ever to make helping poor Canadians a priority.
• 92% say that if other countries like the U.K. and Sweden can reduce poverty, so can Canada.
• 86% believe that if government took concrete action, poverty in Canada could be greatly reduced.
• 90% of Canadians say it’s time for strong leadership to reduce the number of poor people in Canada.

View poll findings here.