Home CETA: A hot topic at gathering of municipal leaders

June 20, 2011

At the recent FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) annual conference, nearly two thirds of municipal delegates voted to make CETA (The Canadian European Trade Agreement) a topic of debate. Although trade negotiations are not typically a part of FCM discussions, the parameters of CETA directly impact the ability of local governments to protect local procurement policies and local public services.

The Centre for Civic Governance comissioned  a briefing from the CCPA’s Scott Sinclair on municipal procurement. It was presented at a dialogue session held during FCM.

“Municipal leaders at the Columbia Institute session energetically discussed strategies for putting the CETA issue back on the conference’s agenda. Meanwhile, a strong CUPE and labour contingent was organising inside the convention centre and outside local Council of Canadians activists were leafleting and talking to delegates about the CETA.”

 Municipalities, Progressive Purchasing and the Canada EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), by Scott Sinclair