Curbside Composing in Port Coquitlam

July 16, 2008

On July 14, 2008 Port Coquitlam launched its composting program.
Single-family homes are being asked to divert vegetable peels, coffee
grounds, and fresh fruit scraps from the garbage to their lawn
trimmings bin, to be collected at the curbside. The City is hoping to
reduce the amount of waste going to landfills by 16-26% per year, which
is part of Metro Vancouver’s plan to divert 70% of waste currently
going to dumps by 2015. Port Coquitlam’s composting program should
also lower waste disposal costs: hauling garbage costs $68/tonne while
kitchen and garden waste costs $50/tonne. Read an article about the recycling program or visit Port Coquitlam’s Kitchen Green Waste Collection Program website.