Inspiration from Rocky Anderson

June 16, 2008

In 1999 Rocky Anderson was elected mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, the capital city of America’s most conservative state. Within 8 years he had instituted some of the western world’s most progressive policies on environmental sustainability, social inclusion and youth justice. In the process, he earned a World Leadership Award, exceeded Salt Lake City’s Kyoto targets by 150% (7 years ahead of Kyoto target dates), and co-chaired the Sundance Mayors Summit on Climate Protection with Robert Redford, to spread the word on how cities can lead the way to a better planet. Rocky is currently launching a new NGO called High Road for Human Rights.

Rocky in BC and Ontario

In 2008, the Columbia Institute was lucky enough to have Rocky speak at its annual governance forums in BC and in Ontario. The speech was described by audience members as “visionary and inspiring”, “impressive” and “fabulous”.

Click here for the video of Rocky Anderson’s keynote address, given at the Columbia Institute’s 2008 governance forum in BC (scroll down).

If you prefer an audio-only version, click here for Rocky’s keynote at the BC governance forum (5MB) and here for the speech from the Ontario forum (12MB).

Rocky Resources

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Read a goosebump-inducing article detailing a speech Rocky gave to protest President Bush’s presence in Salt Lake City.