Liz McDowell

March 15, 2022

Director of Digital and Campaign Strategies,

Liz joined the team in 2017 with a particular focus on scaling up our digital campaigning power. In her role as Director of Digital and Campaign Strategies, she’s helped our campaigns engage more than 650,000 people and reach corporate and government decision-makers in innovative and unexpected ways. She also oversees Canadian campaigns strategy, directs our Canadian forests campaigns, and helps local governments transition off fossil fuels as part of the SAFE Cities Campaign. Before working with Stand, Liz was Campaigns Director at SumOfUs, where she mobilized millions of people online to take action on corporate accountability and shifted corporate policy at some of the world’s largest companies. She’s passionate about harnessing digital tools to catalyze real-world change, particularly around climate change and climate justice. Liz has founded two non-profits in the UK and Canada, designed green jobs training programs, carried out research on the economic impacts of the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline, and worked on climate change adaptation with the UN Institute for Training and Research.