Rowan Gentleman-Sylvester

February 23, 2023

Programs Manager, CityHive

Rowan is a talented facilitator, organizer and overall ‘do-er.’ She is deeply passionate about experiential education, civic engagement, dialogue, and democracy in action. During BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University, she spent over a year and a half researching the role of youth (ages 13-30) within our democratic processes — navigating the tensions between intense activism and lack of voter turnout. Rowan loves being reminded of the innovative and inspiring ways that young people shape our communities and develop solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Born and raised in what is commonly known as East Vancouver, Rowan has lived most of her life on these unceded lands. As a sixth-generation Canadian settler she is constantly navigating and deepening her understanding of power, privilege, land and place. Rowan enjoys combing through the racks at local thrift stores, at-home yoga, and getting absorbed by good books.