Victor Smith

March 21, 2023

Mayor, District of Hope

Victor was born and raised in Hope, BC. He enjoys travel but always comes back to his roots in Hope. Following a four-year term as District Councillor, Smith successfully ran for Mayor. Since taking on the role, his approach is focused on forming, maintaining and expanding relationships and mutual partnerships. Smith’s common-sense approach along with fiscally responsible manner, inclusivity and timeliness have served well in his volunteer positions in the past.  Smith carried this approach forward into his council roles and is now the foundation of his approach as Mayor.

As part of his commitment to the District of Hope, tax payers, residents and businesses Smith uses his broad knowledge and experience.  He has significant goals related to dyking, river health and safety leading to overall community safety; infrastructure upgrades throughout the district and region; and planning and budgeting for the future to allow for infrastructure improvements, replacements and growth.

Relationship building and teamwork are foundations in Smith’s volunteering history. He was the President and Director for the Hope & District Chamber of Commerce (10 years), the Coordinator for Hope Communities in Bloom (12 years), and the Chair, Vice-Chair and Director for Communities Future Sun Country (10 years).