Resources, Rights and Respect: Investor Expectations of the Human Rights Responsibilities of Mining Companies

November 19, 2013
Mining is a globally important industry with profound effects on communities and the environment. due to the growing interest in the social impacts of business, these effects – both positive and negative – are increasingly being viewed through the lens of international human rights. Expectations of the human rights responsibilities of mining companies are evolving, with input from international agencies, governments, industry associations, civil society organisations, academics and communities.
This report presents SHaRE’s analysis of the current and emerging international human rights standards for the mining sector. It details how mining companies should demonstrate their commitment to respect human rights through their management systems and their performance in specific areas such as labour rights, relationships with communities, and the environment. The report also identifies opportunities for investors to engage with companies to examine and enhance human rights policies and to achieve better human rights outcomes. It is our view that investors have a critical role to play in encouraging companies to adopt and effectively implement human rights management systems. It is also our view that companies that perform well in these areas can have stronger reputations, a more secure social license to operate, reduced potential for legal liabilities and ultimately better financial performance.
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