Infrastructure Stimulus Fund In Ontario

The Ontario Infrastrucure Fund aims to accelerate infrastructure investments to foster a competitive environment which attracts businesses and creates employment opportunities. Projects are jointly funded by the federal and Ontario provincial governments, and ensure that Ontarians will benefits from increased employment opportunities, enhanced protection and mangement of drinking water, improved transportation safety and efficiency, and renewed cultural centres and sport facilities. Read more details at the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Funding Website.

Focus on Citizens: Public Engagement for Better Policy and Services

This book, published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), highlights the important role that the public plays in ensuring that high-quality public services are provided and shared public policy goals are achieved. It provides guidance of how to ensure public participation and putting open and includsive policy making into practice, and includes international government surveys and case studies. Read more about the book here. Check out the video for the book on YouTube.

European Cities Commit to More Cycling

The motorization of urban environments has exacerbated road congestion, pollution, and health and safety risks. Members of the European Cyclists’ Federation are adament that this trend can be reversed, and are helping organize Velo-city 2009, a conference that will provide advice on how to make cities more cycle-friendly. The conference will also include the signing of a "Charter of Brussels", which is aimed at making cycling on par with driving as a means of urban transport. Read the full article at The New York Times.

Building a new economy

Author David Korten believes that the economic recession provides North Americans with the opportunity to rebuild the economy to value people and the planet. The current economy puts money and business above all else, fostering an environment where corruption and competition are rampant. Switching to a values-based operating system will support social and environmental justice while minimizing foreign debt and disproportionate wealth. Read the full article at YES! Magazine.

WATERLIFE film release in theatres across Canada

WATERLIFE is an epic documentary showcasing the journey of water from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. The journey highlights the biological problems rampant in this water system, and shows how close it is to an ecological disaster. The film boasts stunning imagery, interesting characters, and an extensive musical soundtrack. Get more information at the WATERLIFE website.